Colour Memory Kit

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There were many studies and researches done on our right brain’s amazing powers. This has led to the spurt of a new approach in development of children as it has been proven that our human brain growth is most massive at age 0-6.One of the right brain functions identified by brain researchers is the high-speed mass memory function. In simple words, the right brain has the power to memorise massive amount of information at very high speed. It is also called Photographic Memory which allows us to memorise an entire element in one glance, as though taking a photo snapshot from a camera.
Our left brain is the brain of words, while our right brain is the brain of images. Tony Buzan said in his book 'Use Your Memory' that many geniuses in history of education, medicine and psychology had photographic memory. Their brain was just normal like everyone else except they had all found the basic rule of how memory worked when they were very young. The basic rule is to memorise elements in images.In this Colour Memory Kit, you will find a good variety of memory games suitable for children aged 2-12 years and above, which are specially designed solely for the objective of continuous stimulation of our children right brain's Photographic Memory and fine motor skills as well as foster colour cognition.

This set consists of 2 magnetic boards, 2 sets of blue, green, red and yellow magnetic foam and a book of a total of 84 images for children to first see the images and then translate the images which they have seen onto the magnetic board.