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CMA Mental Arithmetic

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The CMA (Classical Mental Arithmetic) programme utilizes the dual-hand, four-finger system to stir the beads of the abacus, which is the platform for which mental arithmetic is trained. CMA’s unique and scientifically-proven method has enabled children’s left and right hemispheres of the brains to be developed. This leads to total brain development. CMA adopts a structured curriculum and well-formulated lesson plans which are paced according to the child’s speed and progress of learning. Multimedia is used in the lessons. By adopting all the above-mentioned methods and approaches, CMA aims to improve the child’s mental and physical development, concentration, memory, psychomotor skills and focus.
There are procedures and training methodologies to master abacus use. When children use both hands to move the beads for small and large arithmetic calculations, the quick communication between hands and brain stimulates brain cells, promoting quick, balanced and whole brain development. Abacus and mental arithmetic training also leads to the following benefits:

  • Fosters a greater sense of numbers
  • Helps develop an intuitive understanding of numbers through their concrete representation
  • Fosters one's trust in the process of calculation by enabling one to observe it in action
  • Manifests the concept of decimal places and the progression of units by tens physically
  • Instantly accomplishes addition and subtraction when numbers are placed on the abacus
  • Improves understanding of compounded numbers (through the use of supplementary numbers for 5 and 10)
  • Helps in developing the beneficial qualities of concentration, patience, and endurance
  • Fosters one's confidence in calculation
  • Uses a left to right calculation method, which makes quick estimation and rounding off possible
  • Works on the decimal rather than fractional system, an easy progression to digital systems
  • Develops mental calculation, which is the ultimate resource
  • Develops the right brain tremendouslyLeads to greater mental capacity
  • Expresses large numbers simply and easily
  • Provides a sense of achievement as one's proficiency improves

Abacus and mental arithmetic education enhances progress in various abilities. Scientific analyses have demonstrated the effectiveness of abacus and mental arithmetic training in improving the following six abilities:

  • Ability to concentrate (Concentration)
  • Ability to visualize and to be inspired (Inspiration)
  • Ability to memorize (Memorization)
  • Ability to observe attentively (Insight)
  • Ability to process information (Information processing)
  • Ability to listen and read quickly (Speed reading and listening)

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