Our Story




Pregnancy can really create wonders. Expectant and new mothers will read up more on how to care for a baby physically, intellectually and emotionally. It is also during this period that mothers will shop for items to buy for their babies. My Little Ones was founded in April 2006 as an on-line store to buy items in bulk and then distribute them to parents. As an on-line store with no physical shop front, we are able to keep our costs low and supply good-quality products at affordable prices.


Our main focus is on children’s education and starting them early so that they can have a head-start among their peers. Flashcards is an integral part of our business. By flashing cards to children at high speed, this activates the right hemisphere of the brain. High-speed card flashing is also a form of reading for children and this improves their photographic memory as well. Besides the common flashcards, we also supply customized as well as encyclopaedic knowledge flashcards. We have gradually expanded our product range to include educational DVDs, CD-ROMs, accessories for flashcards and activity-based items. BabyPlus – a prenatal education system – is included as part of our product range because we believe that a child’s education begins right from the onset of conception as a foetus in its mother’s womb.


In today’s very competitive environment, a child’s development is very important as this sets the platform for his/her achievements later in life. We have seen many examples of children around us who have high IQ and score well in their examinations, however they may not have high EQ. Although brilliant academically, these children may not do as well as children with high EQ in their later lives, whether personal or in business. Our utmost aim is to increase parents’ awareness to start their children’s education early – right from birth if possible – so that parents can catch the windows of opportunity for their children’s learning at different phases of their lives.